innovations in Toilet Seats

What is STA-TITE®?

sta-tite-part-2Tired of a loose toilet seat? This patented fixing system is easy to install and always stays tight. This means your seat will not slip, wobble or shift on your pan. The integrated one-piece nut takes the guesswork out of installation because the bottom portion snaps off when the perfect tightness is reached.

The Benefits of STA-TITE®:

FAST, “NO-MESS” INSTALLATION: The integrated one-piece nut takes the guesswork out of installation. Once the proper tightness is reached, the bottom portion snaps off -- you know your seat is perfectly tight!

ALWAYS STAYS TIGHT: Perfect seat security with STA-TITE is achieved in two ways. First, a small “finned” bushing is placed on the bolt so that the seat always fits perfectly inside of the mounting holes on your pan. Secondly, the integrated nut guarantees the optimal tightness is reached. Because the bottom breaks away when the proper tightenss is achieved, there is no danger of over or under tightening!

PROVEN TRACK RECORD: This patented system really works. Since its introduction in markets around the world beginning in 2008, there have been thousands of satisfied customers. From plumbers and installers to homeowners, STA-TITE has shown that it works, revolutionizing the toilet seat industry one seat at a time.